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Sex workers in Thailand have launched a petition calling for prostitution to be decriminalised and urging authorities to remove all penalties for selling sex. Empower Foundation, a Chiang Mai-based group that supports sex workers, said it hoped to thailand prostitutes 10, atures and present the petition to parliament to help persuade lawmakers to consider changing the country's prostitution law. More than 1, people had ed the petition since thailand prostitutes was launched on Saturday. Thailand is predominantly Buddhist and deeply conservative, but is home to an extensive sex industrylargely catering to Thai men. Hordes of tourists also flock to the bright lights of go-go bars and massage parlours in the Thai capital Bangkok, and the country's main tourist towns. The women's affairs department at Thailand's Ministry of Social Development and Human Security said it was in the process of amending the prostitution law and would launch an online public hearing next year, without giving further details.

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Prostitution in Thailand

State Department Country Reports on Human Rights Practices found that "senior [Thai] government officials have cited corruption as a major factor in police willingness to turn a blind eye to the problem. Only slowly did the reality of recruitment and life in the brothels emerge. In the other two cases, the "small agent" made direct payments to the girl's prostitutees in her village.

The vast majority were Thai, thailanx some were "Chinese and other nationalities. Instead, and over the objections of local NGOs, the Chuan administration weakened one of the key official mechanisms, the Crime Suppression Division, which although not without problems of its own, had the authority to override local police and to deal with forced and child prostitution directly. Of the thirty, nineteen had parents or guardians who were peasant farmers or farm laborers.

He clearly stated that he would thailand prostitutes attempt to touch prostitution in general, telling reporters. thailxnd

They took "Lin Lin" many times without paying. Since most, if not all, had come to Thailand as virgins, they were most likely infected by their clients.

Yet for the most part, these laws are not enforced. Not only were the girls or women never told the terms of their debt, but also every worker was different: no consistent share or percentage was established for all workers within a brothel.

According to a police report filed by the girls' uncle, they were forced to work and threatened with death by the pimps if thailand prostitutes tried to escape. We would like to acknowledge with gratitude and admiration the help of many people in Thailand, both Thai and Burmese, who prostirutes be named. Some of the NGO staff working closely with these women explained to thaiiland that girls and women in Ranong believed that if they had they would be released.

Two set out for the border themselves, without knowing anyone at the other end.

Burmese women in the brothels can run afoul of any of the above provisions. When he was Supreme Commander and Army Chief of the Thai army, General Chavalit Yongchaiyudh secured profitable logging and fishing concessions after an official visit to Rangoon on December 14, When "Chit Chit", for example, left her village in Taichelek in at the age of eighteen, she was taken directly to a policeman named Bu Muad in Mae Thailand prostitutes who himself was the brothel agent.

All four brothels appeared to be run by either a single owner or a network of owners who among them employed five hundred girls, most of them Thai. In large measure, the brothel owners are profiting off the thailand prostitutes rape and sexual assault of the Burmese women and girls, sometimes over long periods prostituges time. Later the same night, "Nyi Nyi" and the others were transferred to Pakkret, a reformatory for prostitutes set up under the Anti-Prostitution Act of Except for the few prostitutea and girls whom NGOs are able to take to emergency shelters, it is clear that government's high profile "rescues" actually are arrests.

Refusal to service clients often resulted in a beating, warnings about defaulting on their debt or threats of arrest as illegal immigrants. This has proved to be particularly true for Thai law enforcement officials who routinely profit from the Anti-Prostitution and Anti-Trafficking laws' non-enforcement thailand prostitutes extorting protection fees from brothel owners or independent prostitutes. In another case, "Yin Yin", aged twenty-one, decided to seek work in Thailand in Unfortunately, the Chuan administration has failed to issue a clear mandate to its law enforcement officials to enforce these prohibitions.

At the police station, the arrested girls and women were told that the owner had called and offered to bail them out but that they would be taken back to Burma instead. She wanted an abortion, but the brothel owner would not permit it.

The next morning, "Yin Yin", her two friends, the agent from Mae Sai, a driver, and the owner of a brothel in Bangkok called the Pai Mai Tea Shop, drove by van to the tea shop. A woman named Mu Mu, aged twenty-four, who was three months pregnant, was beaten by pimps in the Wida brothel to bring on a miscarriage after thailand prostitutes refused to have sex with a client.

Learning the Thai sex trade

She agreed and waited for them. An hour later, "Nyi Nyi" and the friend left in a truck driven by a policeman to Chiangrai. Since its inception this law has been denounced by many Thai women's rights advocates as weak, ill-defined and discriminatory.

The owner constantly reminded her of the amount she owed him. They were told of the terrible conditions of the Thailand prostitutes immigration jails, abuse during deportations and frequent arrests by Burmese officials upon return to Burma. One US dollar is worth 6. Statistics for compiled by CPCR estimate that roughly thirty to forty percent of the children they assisted were Burmese.

The Different Types and Costs of Hookers in Thailand

The owner then sent her and one other girl to another brothel he owned in Borai on the Cambodian border, opposite the Khmer Rouge-controlled town of Pailin. Some explained that they could get time off if they were very sick or sore, but they only dared request such days if absolutely necessary. She worked every day except for the two days off prostituges month she was allowed for her menstrual period. The brothel was closed at the time, and the police came to the houses where the women and proxtitutes were staying and arrested them.

She heard from the other girls that she got about forty percent thailane the amount each client paid deducted from her debt, but she never saw the s or was ever told the amount or thailand prostitutes of her "debt. According to our interviews, only when the girls were sold as virgins for high thailand prostitutes were clients from wealthier countries involved.

Sex workers petition to decriminalise prostitution

Thus, they tried to get pregnant. Similar s came from women in Ranong after raids in She said she thought about how her brother used to tease her that she was so quiet and easily fooled that one day, someone would sell her. Relatives knew, for example, to take thailand prostitutes daughters or sisters to the "Mekong shop" in Mae Sai or to a particularly well-known agent or to a certain temple. To avoid deportation, many look for any way to stay in Thailand -- which makes them particularly vulnerable to renewed exploitation by the brothel agents.


The Thai Penal Code provides that whosoever, by negligence, "causes bodily or mental harm to another person shall be punished with imprisonment not exceeding thailand prostitutes month or 1, baht or both. Most of their clients are Burmese men. Both Thailand and Burma began promoting tourism to the Golden Triangle area, 14 and the Thai press reported plans for the construction of a major new road through China, Burma and Thailand. In at least one case, the owner found it in his interest to keep the girls from menstruating so that there would be no excuse prostituted stop work during the month.

Thailand’s Brothel Busters

Thus, in the months following Chuan's November 2, announcement, the myth that his administration is "rescuing" forced and child prostitutes has been shattered. A man from Bing Nong had come to the family's house to tell them that their daughter there was sick. Ah Daw told her that she would study Thai for a month, then learn to speak Thai, make necklaces, take care of children.

Nearly every Burmese girl and woman interviewed had to be available thailand prostitutes work between ten to fourteen hours a day with a only few days off each month during their menstruation.

More stories

Accompanied by two other girls and her mother, she traveled prostitute a village in Muang Piak to the district town of Taichelek Burma. Saisuree arranged for at least one group of them to be sent to the penal reform institution of Pakkret 68 pending an officially sanctioned repatriation in cooperation with the Burmese authorities.

After that the owner beat "Myo Myo " often, and she said she had to agree to everything. She told us, "The owner knows he doesn't have to physically force us.